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Compile proto

Compile protobuf with buf.


There will be a lot of codes needs to write if we want to use grpc-gateway.

rk-boot will help us reduce a lot of codes that doesn't need to be updated once written.

Steps to enable grpc-gateway:

  1. Create gw_mapping.yaml

  2. Create buf.yaml & buf.gen.yaml

  3. Compile protobuf with gw_mapping.yaml

  4. Register generated codes into gRPC


Install required CLI with rk

# Install RK CLI
$ go get

# List available installation
$ rk install
    buf                      install buf on local machine
    cfssl                    install cfssl on local machine
    cfssljson                install cfssljson on local machine
    gocov                    install gocov on local machine
    golangci-lint            install golangci-lint on local machine
    mockgen                  install mockgen on local machine
    pkger                    install pkger on local machine
    protobuf                 install protobuf on local machine
    protoc-gen-doc           install protoc-gen-doc on local machine
    protoc-gen-go            install protoc-gen-go on local machine
    protoc-gen-go-grpc       install protoc-gen-go-grpc on local machne
    protoc-gen-grpc-gateway  install protoc-gen-grpc-gateway on local machine
    protoc-gen-openapiv2     install protoc-gen-openapiv2 on local machine
    swag                     install swag on local machine
    rk-std                   install rk standard environment on local machine
    help, h                  Shows a list of commands or help for one command

# Install buf, protoc-gen-go, protoc-gen-go-grpc, protoc-gen-grpc-gateway, protoc-gen-openapiv2
$ rk install protoc-gen-go
$ rk install protoc-gen-go-grpc
$ rk install protoc-gen-go-grpc-gateway
$ rk install protoc-gen-openapiv2
$ rk install buf
tools Description Install
buf Compile protocol buffer API Install
protoc-gen-go Generate .go files Install
protoc-gen-go-grpc Generate gRPC related .go files Install
protoc-gen-grpc-gateway Generate grpc-gateway related .go files Install
protoc-gen-openapiv2 Generate swagger related config files Install

Quick start#

1.Create api/v1/greeter.proto#

syntax = "proto3";

package api.v1;

option go_package = "api/v1/greeter";

service Greeter {
  rpc Greeter (GreeterRequest) returns (GreeterResponse) {}

message GreeterRequest {
  string name = 1;

message GreeterResponse {
  string message = 1;

2.Copy googleapis#

rk-grpc use some data structures from googleapi package. We suggest copy those .proto files into project.

Copy files from github/googleapi . Or from rk-boot

Copy files into third-party folder.

3.Create api/v1/gw_mapping.yaml#

type: google.api.Service
config_version: 3

# Please refer google.api.Http in file for details.
    - selector: api.v1.Greeter.Greeter
      get: /api/v1/greeter

4.Create buf.yaml#

version: v1beta1
    - api

5.Create buf.gen.yaml#

version: v1beta1
  # protoc-gen-go needs to be installed, generate go files based on proto files
  - name: go
    out: api/gen
     - paths=source_relative
  # protoc-gen-go-grpc needs to be installed, generate grpc go files based on proto files
  - name: go-grpc
    out: api/gen
      - paths=source_relative
      - require_unimplemented_servers=false
  # protoc-gen-grpc-gateway needs to be installed, generate grpc-gateway go files based on proto files
  - name: grpc-gateway
    out: api/gen
      - paths=source_relative
      - grpc_api_configuration=api/v1/gw_mapping.yaml
  # protoc-gen-openapiv2 needs to be installed, generate swagger config files based on proto files
  - name: openapiv2
    out: api/gen
      - grpc_api_configuration=api/v1/gw_mapping.yaml

6.Compile proto file#

$ buf generate --path api/v1

Bellow files will be generated.

$ tree api/gen 
└── v1
    ├── greeter.pb.go
    ├── greeter.swagger.json
    └── greeter_grpc.pb.go

1 directory, 4 files